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11 juli 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Life under Labour: what is the macro background for the new Government, their likely budget plans and the impact on the economy?

After inheriting a dire fiscal position how will Labour deliver economic growth? We take a closer look at their options and plans.
Read time - 4 min
10 juli 2024

Joe Horrocks-Taylor

Senior Associate, Analyst, Responsible Investment

Ebele Conroy

Investment Analyst, Global Research

De groene toekomst van transport

De transportsector is verantwoordelijk voor een aanzienlijk deel van de wereldwijde emissies, maar dat aandeel kan teruggedrongen worden door technologische innovaties, leidswijzigingen en gedragsveranderingen
Leestijd - 5 min
9 juli 2024

Laura Reardon

Client Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Debt

Dispelling the myths around emerging market debt

Emerging markets today bear little resemblance to those rocked by financial crises in the 1980s and 1990s, with the asset class diversified across geography, investment grade, high yield, sovereigns and corporates
Read time - 3 min